It’s finally happened! Groupon has officially agreed that ALL shark-related products will be banned from sale across the 48 countries in which they operate. Way to go Groupon!

In June of 2013, Groupon made a statement saying they would “refrain from launching any deals involving shark or shark-related product.”

Yet, in May of 2014, a promotion for shark cartilage pills debuted on the site. Blue sharks are the primary targets of this sick supplement trade, killed for their fins that are high in Chondroitin Sulphate, a common nutrient taken for join pain and inflammation.

Like most supplements, there are in fact plant-based alternatives available for Chondroitin, yet the marketing schema promoting the potency of authentic shark cartilage pills has historically outweighed any cruelty-free alternatives.

More than 100 million sharks disappear from the world’s oceans thanks to money-making gimmicks such as this so it is of the utmost importance that retailers of these products take on the responsibility to making sure shark-related products are NOT sold through their outlets.

After running a petition on and garnering support for ending the sale of shark-related products on Groupon, Gary Stokes, the director of Sea Shepherd Asia received notice that as of today there will no longer be shark products sold on Groupon.

Truly a great win for sharks that should be followed by every other major retailer of these cruel products. Now if only Groupon would take the plunge on banning SeaWorld products…hint, hint.


Image source:Shiyam ElkCloner/Wikimedia Commons