Sometimes an animal needs more than one rescue. Baru, a dog who was rescued by the Guardians of the Voiceless, needed their help one again when bad luck and pain found their way back to him.

When he was rescued last year, he only had a wounded leg. The Guardians treated him until he was healed. They, unfortunately, couldn’t find him a home but knew the resilient dog was strong enough and smart enough to continue surviving on the streets — plus, there wasn’t much of a choice anyway. They, sadly, can’t keep every animal they rescue.


It wasn’t until a nighttime phone call from one of their team members, that the Guardians knew that Baru needed their help once again. He was apparently in a market in very bad shape. They rushed off immediately to find him.

They remembered Baru as not being particularly friendly or fond of people, which is normal for a dog who has lived on the streets. They knew to catch Baru they’d have to be patient, or else they might risk him running away. With a net, they were able to catch Baru, give him painkillers, and start his treatment.

After getting a good look at him, they noticed he had a wound on his back and a painful infection behind his ear. They had to remove maggots, as well. Finally, they gave him some antibiotics. They will follow up with Baru’s care. He stays in the same market so it will be easy for them to find him again.

Despite the fact that to some, Baru is just a street dog, the Guardians won’t give up on him. They’ll do whatever they can to give him the love and care that he deserves.


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