There are millions of homeless dogs in the United States. Many of these dogs ended up on the street due to neglect, abuse, or irresponsible guardians. Instead of a loving home, these pups are forced to fend for themselves day in and day out. They get by on what little they can, suffering in the outdoor conditions, just hoping someone will take notice of them. Blu was one of these dogs.

There was no way to know how long Blu had been on his own, but it was clear he was in need of a lot of TLC. When he was first picked up by a local humane society, he was suffering from a bad skin infection, an ear infection, and corneal scars from his severely matted fur. But for Blu, there was hope when a kind family took him in to be a part of their family.


Blu’s first day at his new home was a difficult one. He was skittish around people and wasn’t sure of his new surroundings.

But, he warmed up soon enough thanks to a lot of love and care.

He enjoyed the coziness of his new home, and especially his new, soft bed.

Yea, beds are the best.

He was missing patches of fur, so he was given sweaters to help keep him warm.

Soon, he transformed into a very handsome pup!

Just look at this fluffy cuddle monster!

Looking good, Blu!



Blu has really come a long way thanks to his family. It’s amazing what a little love and care can do! If you’re thinking of bring a new four-legged friend into your life, remember dogs like Blu and always adopt, not shop.

All image source: Imgur