Animals, like human beings, can face a long and hard life being homeless. Left to fend for themselves, dig for scraps on the streets and oftentimes living long amounts of time without any companionship, these poor animals are often left to die of disease or get run over by cars. There are over 70 million homeless animals living in the U.S. alone and due to overcrowding in shelters, many never finding a loving forever home. The good news is that there are many kind people who are more than willing to lend a hand when they come across an animal in need.

This is what happened when a kind person came across Walter the cat. The poor kitty looked like he had suffered immensely in his short life. Thankfully, Imgur user Alsofrightened stepped in and brought the scared kitty home. That day Walter’s life changed forever.


Walter, a homeless cat who was terrified of humans, was found with burns and gashes all over his body, among other wounds.

His human adopted him from the streets with another cat who was living in a similar situation as Walter. They were both afraid of her, and would hide together from their loving mom — who they didn’t know was loving at the time.

Eventually, Walter became kind of curious about his new parent, and decided to approach her. After this moment, their bond started to grow.

It took a few years for this to happen, but Walter and his new cat sibling eventually started to trust their new human, and now gladly lie on their backs for belly rubs.


This little guy went from a complete scaredy cat to a total goofball.  Isn’t amazing to see how one single act of kindness can turn into a lifetime of wonderful friendship? 

Adopting an animal, especially one who his homeless, can truly change a life. If you happen to befriend a homeless animal in need, don’t turn them away — you might just welcome your new best friend into your home.