Rescue Dogs Rock NYC is calling for our help to save the life of poor Missy, an eight-month-old girl who is in desperate need of love and a home.

Missy was taken to a shelter after being found stuck in the crawl space beneath a vacant house, where it is thought she must have lived for some time along with some other, younger puppies. She was so scared when she was picked up that this poor little girl had to be sedated to be rescued.


At least here in the shelter she has a little warmth beneath a blanket away from the cold floor.

Poor Missy is in severe pain. Her legs are swollen and covered in red, bloody sores because of the cramped conditions she was living in. Look at the mess she is in! We can’t allow her to remain in this state.

Missy is also terrified, which you can’t really tell from the pictures or video, but we can hardly blame her after the ordeal she has been through. Missy is in a very bad way, which was why she could no longer remain in the shelter, which contacted Rescue Dogs Rock to help keep her from being euthanized. 

Rescue Dogs Rock is calling for donations to help Missy with the vital medical care she needs to recover. She then needs a loving forever home to show her that this is not how her life should be!



There are around 6.5 million animals entering shelters across America on a yearly basis, and around 1.5 million will be euthanized when they are too sick or can’t be rehomed. These poor dogs like Missy come to these shelters in all kinds of awful conditions. They haven’t known what it is to be part of a loving home, and probably don’t know a way of existing that doesn’t involve suffering. Shelters do vital work to help these homeless dogs, but they are overcrowded. This is why we will always advocate for adopting pets over buying them in pet stores.

Rescue Dogs Rock works tirelessly to help dogs like Missy, aiming to save abused at-risk dogs from kill shelters, as well as provide vetting and loving homes. If you are in a position to donate or are considering adopting a deserving dog like Missy, please get in touch.


Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock