In Lima, Peru, the streets abound with large numbers of stray dogs wandering through the city. Many of them end up getting into car accidents and suffering from injuries. But, luckily, they are not alone. A local dog-lover is devoting her time and energy, with unwavering determination, to help the stray dogs of the city. Sara Moran gives to the animals not only her priceless attention but also quite literally – her home.

Moran has turned her house into a shelter for homeless dogs in need of human help. She calls the place “Milagros Perrunos” which translates to “Doglike Miracles.” And it is a miracle for the dogs she helps!

Milagros Perrunos is currently home to around 60 dogs! All of them are available for adoption and waiting for their forever homes – that are just as loving as Moran’s.

Moran began her dog shelter in 2009 when she rescued Bruno, a Basset Hound mix who had been hit by a car and paralyzed. He is now one of the eight dogs at her home who uses a wheelchair.

When they are not on the move, the dogs suffering from paralysis have their safe and warm spots in beds made out of repurposed baby cribs.

All the residents of Milagros Perrunos have suffered from various injuries, including several that ended up in amputations.

To take care of the dogs, Moran relies on donations from the supporters of her wonderful project. It is especially important since special needs dog require specific kinds of food for their medical conditions.



According to Moran, the majority of the stray dogs roaming the streets of Peru are male and they are very rarely spayed, which causes the population to grow freely and makes the big problem of dog homelessness even worse.

Entirely thanks to their rescuer, dozens of dogs at Milagros Perrunos have got a second chance at life. They are surrounded by endless love and given all the care they need. It is more than inspiring to see the love Moran has for the dogs she rescues and the amazing results for these pups!

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All image source: Millagros Perrunos/Facebook