As extreme cold settles in for the heart of winter, a lot of us may be slipping and sliding, but don’t feel bad, even the penguins fall down some days. The funny video below is filled with laughs and ‘ouch’ moments — it is a compilation of penguins tripping, slipping, and falling.

Some slip on the ice, others fall off rocks, and yet others just seem to trip over their own tiny feet. None seem too phased by their falls, although I suspect some of them might be a tad bit embarrassed falling in front of the whole colony of penguins. So why do they fall so much? Are they clumsy animals, blessed with great swimming bodies but poor walking ones? Or perhaps its just great editing of video?

Whatever the reason, so much for the advice “walk like a penguin“when it’s icy out, it might not actually work if these penguins are any example to go by. But don’t let their clumsiness deter you from learning a lesson from them. What’s great about these penguins is that they always get right back up after they fall. Something everyone must do whether it’s slipping on the ice or getting knocked down in life. You just have to get back up!

Image Source: Pinguino K/Flickr