Funny animal pictures are a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that famous photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks created the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards to honor the ones that went above and beyond! So check out these awesome entries and have a laugh!

On the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website, Joynson-Hicks writes, “I am a wildlife photographer myself and am deeply passionate about taking pictures in the bush of all sorts of wild creatures. I am also hugely passionate about conserving our wild environments which is why it’s so important for us all to make sure that when we are taking pictures we are also taking care of the creatures we are photographing.”


Combining his love for wildlife with a deep seeded respect for the animals, Joynson-Hicks partnered with Born Free for this year’s awards. If you love comedy and animals, then these awards are for you! Here are this year’s winners:

Julian Radd got top prize for this action shot of a puffy cheeked cutie! Don’t you just want to give him a tummy rub?

William Richardson got second prize for this awesome shot of a deer right in the middle of his dinner. We’ve never seen one use its horns as a fork before!

Oliver Dreike took an impromptu photograph of this Gorilla for the bronze prize.


Allison Buttigieg snapped this gorgeous picture of this pioneering lemur. This little guy has definitely discovered something important … we wonder what it is!

Flying birds look so elegant and free don’t they? But when Charlie Davidson caught a bird in the middle of its ascent, he got this funny snapshot! You’ve really got to appreciate how much effort it took to get a picture like this.

Graham McGeorge captured a rare photograph of a pack of owls huddled up in their den. Look at the one on the lower left. LOL!

Sometimes you’ve just got to throw your head back and laugh when you hear a good joke. Julie Hunt must have told this big guy a pretty funny joke to get him to laugh like this!


Tony Dilger got a picture of two little monkeys hugging each other. They could be chilly, but we think that they’re hugging because they love each other. So cute!

We have to thank Yuzuru Masuda for giving us one of the cutest squirrel picture’s we’ve ever seen! 

This photograph by Marc Mol shows the symbiotic relationship between Oxpecker birds and Hippos. The birds are kind of like Hippo dentists. But it looks like this young Hippo is unfamiliar with the arrangement!

“You want to do whaaat with my teeth?!”

Out of all of the funny animal pictures we’ve seen, these are definitely some of the best. If these awesome pictures made you laugh, click here – these stories will put you in stitches!

All image source: Comedy Wildlife Photography