There’s nothing more satisfying than successfully completing bath time for your dog. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who was graced with a furry friend who enjoys this particular ritual, you’re probably like the rest of us who have to artfully maneuver our best buddy into the bathroom, put them into the tub as they try to cling to the front of you like velcro, give you the mournful eyes of the betrayed as you wet them down, and then shake off the excess water all over you (and everything else within spray-radius) when you reach for the oatmeal shampoo.

Difficult or no, it’s completely worth it. Sending your dog out into the yard with a freshly washed coat so they can throw themselves on their back in the dirt and grass and kick their legs up like a lunatic is a great way to feel you’ve done your job as a responsible pet parent.


It’s also, usually, a pretty hilarious experience to see what was once your big fluffy dog looking like a rat who’s escaped from a NYC subway terminal. Honestly, how are they that skinny under all that fur? They kinda just become all eyes and wagging tail.

Which is exactly what photographer Serenah Hodson wanted to capture with her series Dry Dog Wet Dog.

“Their personalities change when they know it’s bath time,” she said of the project on her Facebook page, “So I decided to create a series of the different looks and not only personalities but the difference in look from groomed to wet.”

Taking a look at these pictures, it’s undeniable that she’s correct. While some of the dogs don’t appear all that different physically with the application of water, all of them look as though they have major thoughts about the proceedings. From the expressions on some of these sweet faces, those thoughts are less than impressed.


“Hey, did you just say bath time?….You did, and I hate you for it.”

“I will be spending the rest of today plotting my revenge. Count on it.”

Wanna know how to take your dog from “Proud Mary” to “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” in two seconds? Apply water.

“I trusted you. That’s a mistake I won’t be making again.”

“Seriously, I can’t even look at you anymore.”

“You know, I have no idea what everyone else is so worked up about, I’m just excited that I can actually see you right now.”

This photo’s title in the series is “humidity.” According to Hodson, it’s because “we’ve all been there, right?” You’ll have to ask my dignity, it’s still hiding in shame after that day trip to Disney World in the summer circa 1998.

“Thanks a lot human, do you have any idea how much work went into getting my hair perfectly round like that before you showed up with your water nozzle and questionable intentions?”

“Why do I have the sudden urge to run uncontrollably around this room and rub myself up against everyone I see?”

“Oh, you think being soaking wet is funny? Here ya go, I’ll share the wealth.”

All image source: Serenah Hodson/Facebook