We just love when animals are treated like the sentient beings they are, and this great video about new prosthetic legs for Hero the calf, a Virginia-born calf that lost of his back legs due to frostbite, shows that we humans can do some really great things for animals in need.

After being found on a Virgina farm with legs that needed to be amputated, Hero was driven by his rescuer, Kitty Martin, all the way to Texas, where he got a whole new set of legs — and thus a whole new lease on life.


Check out the video for the full story of this awesome little (ok, not so little at a few hundred pounds!) calf and the awesome people that have come to his rescue the same way we might help another fellow human. Here’s to people who get that animals deserve the same kind of help — in this case, hooves — that we would afford other sentient beings in need!

Image source: Associated Press