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A petition by The Committee for Humane Woodside on Care2 is calling to stop the Woodside Pig Scramble taking place in San Mateo County.

The Mounted Patrol of San Mateo County hosts the Northern California Junior Rodeo in Woodside on July 4th. The Northern California Junior Rodeo in Woodside has been protested against by animal rights campaigners repeatedly for its Pig Scramble event and has been constantly met with opposition by those who see no issue with what they are allowing to happen. Jennifer Gonzales of the Committee For Humane Woodside said, “It’s obviously abusive, cruel, inhumane.”

Here’s how a “pig scramble” works. A group of piglets is herded into an enclosure filled with excitable children who have probably been hyped up on all the sugary treats available on all the stores around them. The idea is for the children to chase and capture the piglets in whatever way they can. Typically, this involves the piglets being shoved into a bag so that the children can win prizes. Piglets are just like us when we are young, with smaller, more fragile bodies than fully-grown adults, and they don’t take too kindly to being pushed around. In some cases, the piglets are shoved so hard that they suffer from broken bones and internal damage.

The Pig Scramble is advertised on the Rodeo’s website as a “local favorite.” This traditional, unsanctioned event is nothing more than animal cruelty, and by allowing children to participate in such an event is encouraging an education that says animal cruelty is okay. How can we expect future generations to have any respect for animals if we show them that events like “pig scrambles” are normal or fun?

Pigs are beautiful animals. Smart, clean, and super-intelligent, they could certainly teach humanity a thing or two! But they are also prey animals; the stress these pigs go through being chased by large crowds of excitable children during these “pig scrambles” is unimaginable for us. What makes matters worse is on top of any injuries these piglets might suffer during the scramble, the adults involved have been reported tossing pigs onto the ground from the transport trailers, dragging them and carrying them upside down by the legs as they move them about the arena.

There are a number of similar events to these across the country, each of them sold as family entertainment and fun. This petition by Care2 hopes to end this appalling act of animal cruelty.

Please sign the petition to end the Woodside Pig Scramble taking place in San Mateo County.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Unsplash/Christopher Carson

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Eric Mills
2 Months Ago

California Education Code 60042 mandates that "humane education and kindness to animals" be taught in the public schools, K-12. These "scrambles" would seem to be a clear violation of that mandate. And what a terrible message to send to impressionable young children about the proper treatment of animals.

Consider this statement from world-renowned animal behaviorist, Dr. Temple Grandin (Colorado State Univ.): "The single worst thing you can do to an animal emotionally is to make it feel afraid. Fear is so bad for animals I think it\'s worse than pain." Rodeo animals are "prey" animals. As such, they fear for their very lives when roped, ridden, wrestled, chased, jumped on, dragged or otherwise handled roughly. It needs to stop.


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