Ryan Hickman must be one of the youngest advocates for the planet around. Although he is just seven years old, his actions are something we should seriously look up to.

Ryan got into recycling in 2012 – when he was only three – and his efforts to help the environment and animals have not stopped since. He has started a recycling business and already recycled almost 300,000 plastic bottles and cans that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or in the ocean!


Now, Ryan has started a special challenge to double that number in 10 weeks. He is calling for people across the world to join in and help him – all you have to do is go to his Be a Doer page and tell him how much you’ve recycled that week. To make things even better, any donation from the challenge will go to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center! 

“Recycling helps the Earth, people, plants, animals and other living things, it’s very easy to recycle,” Ryan shared on his website. “You just have to grab a bottle, toss it in the correct bin. Boom! I need your help to spread the word and help make the world a better place.”

To join Ryan’s Recycling Challenge, click here.