They sacrificed years of their lives in the name of helping us, and now former lab chimpanzees finally have a chance to live the good life – far, far away from the needles and violent manhandling and cold barren cages of a research testing facility. Won’t you help them?

Because chimps share over 98.6 percent of our DNA, they were long exploited as laboratory test subjects for biomedical and other research initiatives, for which they endured the unthinkable.

Thankfully, much of that changed when they were granted Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections in 2015. Under this law, labs must now prove that any experiments conducted on these highly evolved beings are for the benefit of conserving their species, and as a result, chimps have largely been “retired” as test subjects.

But while they may no longer be used and prodded for science, many still remain locked behind bars with inadequate space, minimal comforts and no positive mental or emotional stimulation, as the labs that took advantage of them for so long have little motivation to now find them good homes. Other former lab chimps have been heartlessly dumped on deserted islands and forced to fend for themselves, even though they lack the necessary skills for survival and their new island “homes” can’t properly support them.

These animals deserve better, and Project Chimps has the means to offer them a proper retirement at a new 236-acre chimpanzee sanctuary nestled among the beautiful mountains of northern Georgia. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has already brought 16 former lab chimps to this new home. Now it needs our support to transfer the remaining 204 chimpanzees currently left residing at the New Iberia Research Center to their sanctuary.

Sign this petition on Care2 to demonstrate your support for this transfer, then share this information to get others involved and head over to the organization’s website to help make the #RoadToRetirement a reality for these chimps.

Image credit: Project Chimps