Gluta is possibly the happiest dog in the world! Things weren’t always so easy for this dog, though. Sorasart Wisetsin found Gluta on the streets of Thailand. She wasn’t the beautiful dog you see in the pictures though. It was immediately obvious that something was wrong with the poor girl, but this didn’t deter her dad. Wisetsin took Gluta to the vet, and after tests and scans it was determined that Gluta was suffering from cervical cancer.

Together Gluta and her new dad went to treatments to fight the cancer. She had to undergo several rounds of chemotherapy and had a tumor removed via laser. A year and a half later, Gluta is happy, healthy girl!


Gluta’s dad wants everyone to know what “love, care and a home” can do for a dog. So he shows the world how happy Gluta is through his photography. Gluta’s smiling face lets everyone know just how good it is to be a loved dog!

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Gluta’s life didn’t start out easy, but she never lost her smile through it all.

Take it from Gluta, with a little positivity (and the help of some awesome people) you can do anything!

Who would have thought a former street dog who grow to be such a polished lady!

Life goes by quick, so be sure to stop and smell the flowers … or at least pose with them on your head.

You won’t find a sad face on this dog!

Doesn’t matter where or why, never forget to smile.


Image source: Gluta/Tumblr