Wow! Hampton Creek has announced impressive additions to their Board of Directors, including former executives at DuPont, Heinz, as well as Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed who is the founder and CEO of KBW Ventures, an investor and animal rights activist.

Prince Khaled seems like the perfect fit for Hampton Creek‘s board, considering he recently made an investment in Memphis Meats, a San Francisco-based lab-cultured meat, or “clean” meat company. Although Hampton Creek is best known for their egg-free mayo product, they too are getting into the clean meat market, claiming they will be able to bring their lab-cultured meat to market by 2018. The company has already raised a staggering $220 million to advance their brand’s focus on developing plant-based or cultured alternatives to animal products but hit a few speed bumps with the loss of their board and a recall of their products in Target stores. The addition of these new, highly-experienced board members is likely part of the company’s renewed push to raise funds needed to advance their clean meat aspirations.

Given Prince Khaled’s avid commitment to “relegating factory farming to the dustbin of history,” we are looking forward to the influence he can have pushing Hampton Creek towards a viable clean meat product. He believes that there is a viable solution to factory farming in cellular agriculture. Thanks to the tremendous leaps this new technology has made in the past five years alone, he is quite certain that companies will be able to scale it up and make “clean meat,” which is grown in a lab, using a small fraction of the current resources to produce meat without harming animals or the environment, competitive with current organic meat in a decade or less.

Interested in learning more about Prince Khaled? In a recent podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, Prince Khaled detailed how he plans to help end factory farming within the next 10 years – through strategic investments in cellular agriculture and plant-based proteins.

Image source: Hampton Creek