Listen up, people! Industrialized animal agriculture is the largest singular driver of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and it is simultaneously responsible for rampant air and water pollution. Oh, and industrialized animal agriculture is also one of the largest drivers of global deforestation (all of those cattle need to graze somewhere, not to mention all of the feed grown for livestock!). Sadly, if the rates of deforestation continue, there likely won’t be any rainforests left in the next 100 years. Yikes!

Our food system must change, especially considering how there are projected to be 9.8 billion people on the planet by 2050 and our resources are being stretched thin as is. When you think of how massive the issue is, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But here’s the good news: you can do something TODAY to help fight climate change.


Nil Zacharias, co-founder of One Green Planet and host of the #EatForThePlanet podcast, and Gene Stone, who has written more than 45 books on a wide variety of subjects, and co-authored the national bestsellers Forks Over Knives and How Not to Die, have an exciting new fact-rich, graphic-heavy book called Eat For The Planet that tackles how you can use your food choices to make a positive impact on the planet. The short, easy-to-digest book will help inspire countless people to rethink their food choices.

The book will be published on March 20, 2018, and it is available for pre-order now! If that wasn’t exciting enough, when you pre-order the book before March 10th, you will be sent an incredible bundle of free product and discount coupons from amazing all-plant-based food brands, such as Beyond MeatMiyoko’s Kitchen, and Ripple Foods. Amazing, right!?

There are only EIGHT more days left in this giveaway, so be sure to get your copy and tell your friends too! All you have to do is order your copy and go to, upload a picture of your confirmation email and fill out the form! 

Can we count on you to help us spread the word about this important movement to everyone you know? Help us save the world, one bite at a time!

Buy the book. Get free vegan food. Save the world! 


Image Source: Beyond Meat/Facebook