We love when technology works toward benefiting the planet and the animal kingdom, especially when the animals being saved are as charming as this hooded crow from Milan, Italy named Giada.

Giada sustained an injury in the wild that damaged the top half of his beak. This is when a talented graphic designer from Brazil named Cicero Moraes stepped in and came to the rescue. Moraes has much experience with 3D printing, having already created prosthetic beaks for other bird species. He created six prosthetic beaks for Giada, the best of which was chosen by the Milan-based veterinarian surgeon, Dr. Lorenzo Crosta.


Which painstaking care and precision, Crosta was able to successfully attach the prosthetic beak to Giada’s face! This is the first procedure of its kind in Europe. Although Giada can finally eat on his own now, his caretakers say he is bashful about eating when people are around him. Based on how happy and affectionate Giada has been after the surgery, we can be sure he is grateful to Mr. Moraes, Dr. Crosta, and the rest of the rescue team.

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