Over ten years ago, Reddit user erkah147 walked into an animal shelter and saw a lone kitten with no home for the holidays. He was so tiny and sick, so she immediately took him home. She nursed the kitten back to health and gave him a wonderful name – Tiger. Then, when her family was preparing to take a vacation, her grandparents begrudgingly said they would take care of Tiger. The grandfather had zero interest in animals … but that all changed thanks to Tiger.

Tiger’s infinite purrs and cuddles grew on the grandpa and soon the pair were inseparable.


“Their bond is very tight, wherever my grandpa is, Tiger is with him, either on his lap or sleeping right beside him. He really brings a lot of joy to their lives,” erkah147 told LoveMeow.

Ten years have gone by and Tiger is still with grandma and grandpa. “I visit all the time and I figured he would get more attention there, and I was absolutely right. He’s their baby,” erkah147 said.


As animal lovers know, oftentimes our pets are really the ones that rescue us!

We are so glad Tiger has a wonderful family and we hope they share dozens of more cuddles for years to come!

Not only do companion animals have the ability to lift our mood, it’s long been known that animals can keep you healthy and balanced in your life. From easing daily stress with hugs and pets to keeping you on the move with walks and playing, companion animals like dogs and cats are fantastic at helping maintain physical and mental health. No wonder Tiger’s new mom and dad fell in love!


For ways on how you can help end pet homelessness, click here. And remember to always adopt and never shop for pets!

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All Image Source: erkah147/Reddit