Meet Domino. This sweet little lady was found wandering the streets alone, in a neighborhood just outside of Melbourne, Australia. Life can be tough for a little goat all alone in the big city. Luckily for her, a kind police officer intervened, setting off a domino effect of kindness. Domino was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where they were able to contact Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary to help.

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is a farm animal rescue dedicated to saving the lives of Australia’s abused, neglected and abandoned farm animals. Nestled in Victoria’s picturesque Macedon mountains, at Edgar’s Mission, their “mission” is kindness. Once they were on the case, Domino was on her way to her new forever home.


domino the goat

After a few days of medical screening, Domino was introduced to rest of the goats. The staff delighted in seeing this timid little lady light up at the sight of her own kind.

Domino the goat 2

She even engaged in a bit of friendly horseplay, or “goatplay” that is, with Pee Wee, one of Edgar’s Mission’s long-term residents.

Domino the goat 3



Whatever horrors were hidden in her past, life is looking up for little Domino. If you would like to help Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary on their lifesaving mission of kindness, you may visit their website by clicking here.

All image source: Edgar’s Mission