When Marcia, the goat, was born at Farm Sanctuary, workers at the animal shelter felt pretty helpless. Although Marcia was in relatively good physical health, she was born blind, left to navigate the unknown of the peaceful sanctuary on her own. That was until Maurice arrived!

On July 21, 2015, Marcia and Maurice met and soon became inseparable. What once was a solitary trot around the sanctuary for Marcia became a loving and playful scamper with her new best friend and “seeing eye-goat.” Since that fateful day, Marcia and Maurice have done everything together, from feeding time to nap time, with tons of nuzzling and cuddling of course!


Had Farm Sanctuary not provided a place for these two to meet, they both would be leading much different lives. To learn more about Marcia and Maurice, check out Farm Sanctuary’s website.