Glastonbury, one of the most famous music festivals in the world, may become a fully plastic bottle-free zone! The organizers of the event are working on a ban that would eliminate a huge amount of plastic trash from the festival grounds and, ultimately, from the landfills and oceans.

The plans to introduce a plastic bottle ban were revealed by Emily Eavis, co-organizer of Glastonbury Festival. “It is an enormous project, it’s taking a lot of time to tackle it with all the different people we work with,” Eavis told The Mirror. “That’s the big project at the moment, to get rid of plastic bottles across the whole site.”


More than a million plastic bottles are used every year during the five-day festival, The Times reports. In 2017, the event organizers had to spend £780,000 ($1,095,771) to dispose of the waste left behind by the audiences and about 1,300 recycling volunteers were drafted. Every year, more than half of the waste is recycled; in 2014, that added up to 85 million tons of cans and plastic.

The festival has made efforts to be more sustainable in the past by adding 400 water taps and encouraging festival-goers to bring their own bottles. They also have offered reusable or compostable plates and cutlery.

This year, the festival is having a “fallow year” – to give the land, the local population, and the event organizers a break, but when it is back in 2019, the plastic bottle ban will hopefully be in place.

Every year, more than 8.8 million tons of plastic enters the oceans and scientists predict that this dangerous, virtually non-biodegradable waste will outnumber fish by 2050. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help make a change – like ditch single-use plastic water bottles. To find out what else you can do to minimize your plastic footprint, check out One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign!


Image source: Malcolm Murdoch/Flickr