Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen recently told People magazine that her entire family, including her football star husband Tom Brady, their four-year-old daughter, and seven-year-old son, eat a mostly plant-based diet. Now the retired supermodel is speaking up once again on the many benefits of a plant-based diet – she recently teamed up with environmentalist Paul Hawken to share one important message: eat plant-based to help save the planet!

Paul Hawken latest book “Drawdown” lists 100 solutions to reverse climate change, all of which are based on existing science and ranked by cost and carbon footprint. A fan of the book, Gisele was inspired to take action. “I saw, ‘Oh my God,’ someone is actually addressing solutions. Someone is focusing on the solutions here, instead of focusing on the problems… like, ‘How can I help? How do I sign up to help?’ And that’s how I – that’s how I’m here,” she explained in a joint interview with Hawken for CBSNews.


Eating a plant-based diet is one thing everyone can do to drastically reduce their impact on the environment. Gisele noted we all need to, “Live our convictions. Like, you know, in my situation, like, we have a plant-based diet. And we’ve been having it for 10 years. Because we feel better. It is better for our health. And everything we put into our body has an effect on us, has an effect on our energy and how we feel.”

The legendary supermodel’s thoughts on ditching meat aren’t really surprising. As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Gisele has raised awareness on several environmental issues, including deforestation. Just last year in a clip from National Geographic’s Years of Living Dangerously, Gisele was visibly shaken when she learned that agriculture is responsible for 65 percent of deforestation in the Amazon. As a Brasil-native, this news undoubtedly hit her particularly hard. Luckily, making the connection between animal agriculture’s destructive nature and what goes on her plate was an easy one for her to make.

Gisele’s football star husband, Tom Brady, agrees, saying “Unless I had this plant-based diet, I would not be the player I am and would be – have the carrier at 39 that I do.” Tom even recently launched a line of plant-based performance meals through Purple Carrot, a plant-based meal delivery service. Brady’s line, called TB12, offers high-protein meals for athletes and others active individuals, proving that you don’t need meat to be a high-performance athlete. These two are quite the power couple!

What YOU Can Do

Feeling inspired? Knowing all that we do about the impact of meat consumption on the environment and animals, we are faced with a choice – either we can continue to be sold into this destructive industry … or we can choose better.


You can start eating for the planet by doing nothing more than choosing a delicious plant-based meal over one laden with animal products. If you look at it from a personal perspective, you can cut your own carbon footprint in half just by leaving meat off your plate for one year. (Plus save a lot of water, redirect grain for people to eat, and help protect endangered species…)

You can #EatForThePlanet starting today. Just follow the three simple steps below.

1. Moderate: Limit consumption of your favorite meats like beef, lamb, pork, etc.

2. Replace: Try to swap animal-based products in your daily diet with vegan alternatives (milk, butter, mayo, cheese, grilled chicken, beef crumbles, sausages, cold cuts, etc.)

3. Embrace: Add plant-based whole foods (local and organic when possible) to your diet like greens, fresh fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, plant proteins like lentils, nuts/seeds, beans, tofu, etc.


As Nil Zacharias, the co-founder of One Green Planet says, “Eat in a way that nourishes you without starving the planet.”

We all have the power to create a better future for our children, and the countless animals we share the planet with, by making one easy swap. If you’re ready to start doing this in your own life, check out One Green Planet’s #EatForThePlanet campaign.


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Image source: Erangi Kaushalya/Flickr