Some people just don’t understand cats, they are dog people, through and through. It turns out though, that this can be easily changed by the adorable nature of a kitten. Wolfgang, the kitten, was in rough shape when his new mom saw him for the first time. He was desperately looking for someone to care for him and his infected eyes and flea-infested fluff were far from adorable.

“It looked like it was missing an eye. Greenish discharge all around its nose and mouth had matted its fur, sealing one of its eyes shut,” writes Wolfgang’s mom on Imgur.


But despite this, she did what any awesome animal lover would do; she took him home. Though “not a cat person,” this amazing woman got the sickly kitten cleaned up, flea-free and fed for the night. She set up a cozy bed and a litter box for the lucky little man and the next morning Wolfgang was taken to the vet. There he received all the medication he would need to clear up his eye and respiratory infections.

Then it was off to the animal shelter for this little cat … or so his new mom thought. After a trip to the shelter, she found out that they were at maximum capacity and there was a chance that Wolfgang would be put to sleep. Seeing as the little kitten was already winning over his rescuer’s heart, she decided there was no way she could leave him to this fate.

“So it was decided. I’d found him that Tuesday and by Friday I was super in love with this little guy,” she writes.

Today, Wolfgang and his mom love snuggling and listening to music together and he has officially converted her to a full-on cat lover.


When Imgur user, ToughTootinBabyThatCanDanceLikeAMan, found Wolfgang, she gasped at the sight of this little kitten.

The kitten was covered in fleas and had green discharge around his little eyes.

However, after a delicious meal, bath, and a trip to the vet, this kitten was well on his way to recovery.

His precious face and personality quickly made his new mom into a cat person.

Really, who could resist that adorable, little face?

All image source: ToughTootinBabyThatCanDanceLikeAMan/Imgur