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This heartbreaking story illustrates a real problem that happens far too often in shelters across the world. Countless shelters in the UK take in dogs from the streets, put their energy and efforts into saving them and earning their trust – only to be forced to kill them for one simple and outrageous reason … because of the way the dog looks. Laws exist to protect liberties and rights, but the Dangerous Dog Act does the exact opposite. Duncan was a prime example of how flawed the law is and why a Care 2 petition has been set up to have this aged law repealed.

Duncan came to the Blue Cross Shelter in bad shape – he was emaciated with wounds and an infection. Regardless of his condition, however, the staff was determined to save his life because of his beautiful spirit. But that didn’t matter, nor did it matter that he loved everyone who he came into contact with or that he learned commands despite all he had already been through. Duncan apparently “looked dangerous,” so his second chance at a wonderful life never came to fruition. Poor Duncan didn’t have a chance against the discriminatory law. Please sign the petition so that other dogs like Duncan have the chance he didn’t.

The basis of the law is understandable, protecting people from truly dangerous dogs is undoubtedly important, but it takes more than looking at a dog to determine whether they are truly a threat or rather just the subject of poor training … or more likely, discriminatory thinking. It is paramount that Section 1 of this law is repealed to save other innocent dogs like Duncan — they deserve to be judged by the content of their character not by the way they look.

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Vance A./Unsplash