Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you envision yourself going down a certain career path, go through all of the appropriate schooling for this plan, even get a job in the field, when suddenly you realize it’s not the right fit. This realization can be due to many factors. Maybe the idea of the job didn’t match the reality of it, maybe it was more stress-inducing than predicted, or maybe it just didn’t align well enough with your passions.

For Tara Hess, she simply did not fit in the way she had hoped as a teacher for grades 7-12. Not satisfied in her position, Tara decided to leave the school and join Farm Sanctuary where she could utilize her teaching skills in new ways. Now, Tara spends her days training staff on new protocols, caring for the animals, and teaching all those that observe her through her actions as Senior Shelter Manager at Farm Sanctuary’s New York location.


This is Tara with Babs, the goat. 

As senior shelter manager, Tara gets to interact with farm animals every day, learning their quirks, likes and dislikes, and unique personalities. 

The animals pose for photos with her… 

…are fascinated with her technology… 

…and never miss an opportunity to show her how physically adept they are! 

It’s a pretty great relationship Tara and the Farm Sanctuary residents share. She gives them food…

…they give her cuddles! 

She gives them check-ups… 

…they give her beautiful moments to witness! 

Yup, it seems like Tara definitely made the right career choice this time around… 



While being around farm animals all day may seem like a dream to some of us, animal lovers, there’s no doubt that the work Tara does gets stressful from time to time. Many of the animals at Farm Sanctuary, and animal sanctuaries in general, come from heartbreaking situations and are sometimes on the verge of death. Seeing the long-lasting effects of cruelty day in and day out, can be psychologically tiring and emotionally draining. This makes the work Tara and all the other Farm Sanctuary workers do all the more valuable. Their compassionate actions and perseverance are truly commendable, and they are constant reminders of the value each animal life possesses and the tremendous amount of love they deserve.


All image source: Farm Sanctuary