We first met Freddie a few weeks ago when he escaped from a halal slaughterhouse in the middle of New York City.  As you may imagine, this brave little bovine caused quite a stir as he made a run for it, through the perils of midday traffic in a desperate attempt at freedom. New York City can be quite daunting to a human on the best of days – so imagine the courage it must have taken for him to even attempt to navigate an escape! After a few hours of hot pursuit, local animal authorities finally captured the clever cow and returned him to the slaughterhouse where he was scheduled to die in the morning. But luckily, Freddie’s story did not end there.

A cow running through the streets of New York can’t help but attract a lot of attention. In fact, quite a few people took an interest in his safety, calling nearby Skylands Animal Sanctuary for help. The good people at Skylands arrived on the scene quickly, although they had to wait all night to speak with the slaughterhouse owners, who reluctantly agreed to relinquish the animal. Soon, Freddie was on his way to a new, worry-free future at the sanctuary.


Although he was still a bit nervous, once he arrived at his new home Freddie was finally able to relax. In a few days, he was out and about, enjoying the great outdoors.

Cows are very social animals, so making friends is always a number one priority. Here he enjoys a snack with Pam and Rose.

Life at Skylands must be very different than the crowded, stressful, conditions he endured before his rescue, but Freddie is a confident calf who takes it all in stride.

With all of his fears safely behind him, he seems to be saying “What a great day to be alive!”




Freddie’s amazing tale of bravery and triumph stands in stark contrast to all of those who would have us believe that cows are stupid animals who don’t even know what is happening to them. Clearly, they know. At Skylands Animal Sanctuary, he will be able to put all of that behind him and enjoy a life of peace. If you would like to support this organization in their lifesaving efforts, you may visit their website here.


All image source: Skylands Animal Sanctuary