As adults, we sometimes have a hard time grappling with complicated life decisions, particularly when it comes to our food choices. In much of society, we treat some animals, like cats and dogs, as family and others, like pigs, cows, and sheep, like commodities – simply slabs of meat on a plate. It’s a complex thing to try and reconcile these dichotomies, but sometimes, children have a way of making complicated things seem so simple. This is the case with adorable four-year-old Phoenix, who sees no difference between the animals in her home and the ones people choose to eat –  she loves them all. And that’s a quality that makes her a perfect fit to help run her family’s animal sanctuary, Greener Pastures Sanctuary for rescued animals in Western Australia.

Phoenix may not even be in school yet, but she already has a very important job. Giving all of the rescued animals, most of whom have come from deplorable factory farms, the love they need.


Consider little Phoenix  the Chief Cuddle Officer.

She is also in charge of looking after the pigs, like Freckle.

Phoenix knows that pigs are very smart and social animals, and need a lot of TLC, just like cats or dogs, and she makes sure to give it to them. Here she is with Wombat, who escaped from a moving truck on his way to slaughter! With Phoenix by his side, he’ll never know such cruelty again.

She also makes sure no four-legged friend goes hungry.

Sometimes she feeds the animals in a fairy costume, because hey, she’s pretty magical.

And what meal isn’t made better when delivered with a kiss?

It’s a tough job delivering so much love, but someone has to do it. And it looks like she wouldn’t want it any other way.

After all, these animals are as much a part of her family as her own relatives are.



Seeing Phoenix treat these beings with as much love and care as most of us would treat our cat or dog, goes to show that all animals are deserving of a life free from pain and suffering. At Greener Pastures Sanctuary, all animals are family. It’s amazing how children can teach us to live with the kind of compassion we would all hope to have within ourselves. You can follow Phoenix and her furry friends on Greener Pastures Facebook page and learn more about the sanctuary here.

All image source: Greener Pastures Sanctuary via Animals Australia