It might seem like we are living in some backward Medieval society, but animal testing is still an unfortunate reality in our society. While many cosmetics companies have put the effort forth to end tests, that teach us nothing about the effects of their products on humans, in pharmaceutical labs across the United States, dogs are still a favorite subject. Of the 70,000 to 75,000 dogs used in labs, most of them are Beagles. These poor dogs are forced to live in cages their entire lives — they never get to play tug-of-war with their favorite human or happily roll around in the grass.

This uplifting video captures a group of Beagles on their first day of freedom after being rescued from a lab in the Midwest. Never again will these darling pups stare at sterile walls and look to cold, strange humans for comfort. From here on out, it’s love, cuddles, more love, and dog toys. Oh, happy day! Judging by their expressions, some of the pups cannot even process what a great thing is happening to them — that, or they’re overwhelmed by how awesome it is to finally experience the sunshine and meet humans who will bring them to their new homes.


To learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project and what you can do to help put a stop to lab testing, visit their official website.