one green planet
one green planet

PETA is notorious for their shocking videos and ad campaigns that most people love to hate. But this latest video by Djawid Hakimyar may be one of the most impactful little videos they’ve ever made.

There’s absolutely nothing controversial about this video. It’s just the brutal truth and goes from cute to heartbreaking in seconds, without any gore, nudity, or stunts.

Watch the adorable baby chicks learn to fly…just before they are thrown away as a waste product in the egg industry.

In addition to killing 200 million male chicks every year in the United States, the egg industry crams chickens into tiny, filthy, barbaric cages for two years, so they can produce enough eggs. It is cruel, unsafe, unsustainable, archaic, and frankly, unnecessary. Most of us may not care or have the time to think about this, but unfortunately, this is how 99 percent of the 1.8 trillion eggs are laid every year.

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