When Imgur user Madejyalook found a tiny kitten trapped between two railroad ties in their neighbor’s yard, they couldn’t just leave her there. Trapped, covered in fleas, and abandoned by her mother, the neighborhood stray named Yue Bing had no chance of survival. Madejyalook captured their journey together, from the moment of rescue to the present day, showing the beautiful development of their relationship.

At four to six weeks old, Yue Bing was all alone in this world until a kind human rescued her.

Her head was swollen, her right eye was unable to close, she had a respiratory infection, and fleas — all consequences of living in the outdoors. 

There was little hope for this poor little kitty’s survival. All her humans thought they could do was keep her safe and warm. 

Yue Bing’s first trip to the vet included a sweet ride in the front seat.

She had to be quarantined for a period before she could meet the other cats. Once she was free to explore, she never looked back.

Cuddles quickly became her favorite thing.

She’s one of the family now!

“This sure beats the outdoors!”

“This is my bed now, human.”

After adjusting to her new life and falling in love with her forever family, Yue Bing was quite the content little kitty!


Yue Bing is living the life in her new home, but she’s a rare exception among many homeless kitties. There are an estimated 70 million stray animals living in the U.S., and only a small fraction of those animals will ever find a forever home. Adopting a new cat or kitten is one of the best ways you can help chip away at the homeless cat populations, but it’s not all you can do. Trap-neuter-release programs help control feral cat populations by reducing the number of unwanted kittens born into homelessness. And, as always, please spay and neuter your four-legged companions!

All image source: Madejylook/Imgur