Well, this one really has us shaking our heads. Back in February of this year, 18 piglets and two adult female pigs survived a fire in Wiltshire in South West England when 60 tons of hay caught fire. Firemen came to the pig’s rescue and saved them all from the blazing barn.

Great! We love stories of people rescuing animals in need … but here’s the weird part: the farmer who owned the barn rewarded the firemen for their good deed recently by serving the pigs as sausages. What!? How can you rescue an animal and then eat them?


On Facebook, the Pewsey Fire Station wrote, “Exactly 6 months and 1 day since FFF’s Olsen and Richardson rescued 18 piglets from a farm in Milton we got to sample the fruits of our labour from that February night.  Huge thank you to Rachel Rivers who gave them to us to sample. Highly recommended by Pewsey Fire Stations crew and if anyone is having a bank holiday weekend BBQ then check out these sausages, they are fantastic.”

Can we just get a huge collective “WHAT?!” Seriously…

The photos on the Pewsey Fire Station’s Facebook page have already been taken down and dozens of animal lovers are pointing out how there is no difference between the animals we love and those we eat.

All animals are equally sentient beings, but because we think that eating farmed animals for meat is, “normal, natural and necessary,” we never question our choice to slaughter and eat them. Knowing that scientists have determined that not only are pigs smart, they are smarter than dogs, some primates, and three-year-old children, we are sad to see the bizarre way the firefighters were rewarded.


If only everyone knew how wonderful pigs are and believed that they deserve to live.

Image source: aitoff/Pixabay