Sulo Karjalainen, a 73-year-old Finnish man, makes playing with bears seem like a walk in the park. He approaches them, feeds them, and even shares meals with them. But, the fact is, the “Bear Man” of Finland, as he is deemed, is engaging with wild animals. (So no, you should not attempt to do what he’s doing because the bears you may approach will more than likely send you to the hospital.)

Karjalainen has the experience and know-how to do what he’s doing. He studied Finnish carnivores for a research project before he took in some orphaned brown bear cubs in 1997. This decision led him to open Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre with his brother Jalo, where they have taken care of more than 20 bears.

As of right now, Karjalainen “babysits” six brown bears at Kuusamo in northern Finland. Watch as the bear man takes care of these orphaned bears like if they were his own in the video above!