Sometimes a rescue story happens quite out of the blue – to animals whose future was seemingly already decided, fixed, and not to be tinkered with. This sort of amazing turn of events is exactly like that happened to Fish the sheep. It is not only Fish’s name that is quite original but also what happened to him – and how he ended up where he is now, at his forever home at a sanctuary.

Fish was raised for meat as part of a Future Farmers of America project and his fate seemed to be determined from the start. But his student caregiver decided differently. Chelsea Pinkham, a local activist, offered the student the opportunity to send the one-year-old sheep not to slaughter but … to a sanctuary. The carer’s answer was an enthusiastic “yes” – and so the sheep was about to start his new life at Animal Place.

First thing in the morning, Fish was met by volunteer Lori Woods at a private home where the sheep had been housed since his release from a local southern California fair.


From there, he set off on his journey to Grass Valley, his new home.

Already on the way to the sanctuary, Fish made it clear that he “REALLY likes to have humans next to him.”

It was quite a journey for Fish and his new companion, but, finally, at eight in the evening, the sheep arrived at Animal Place safe and sound – ready to explore and pretty hungry, too!



How lucky is Fish? As Animal Place points out, many county fairs are “terminal” fairs for the animals there, that is, even if a student wants to send their animal to a sanctuary, they are not allowed to do so. Fortunately for Fish, the fair he was at was not one of those. This lucky fact plus his carer’s good heart plus the rescue’s reaching out to help all came together to make what happened next possible. That is, saving a life.

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All image source: Animal Place