Two years ago, Carmen the cow was once destined for slaughter. Thanks to Santuario Wings of Heart, a farm animal sanctuary located in Madrid, Spain, she was saved. Because of their compassion for animals, Carmen was given the second chance that all cows deserve; to live the rest of her days in peace, side by side with other farm animals.

Recently, however, this beautiful life was put in jeopardy. In an unfortunate event, Carmen tested positive for tuberculosis and her caretakers were ordered by El Área de Ganadería de la Comunidad de Madrid, which regulates livestock in the area, to send her back to the slaughterhouse to be killed within 15 days. Unfortunately, Spanish law does not make a distinction between farm animals and rescued farm animals living in a sanctuary. Although the sanctuary pushed back, saying that the test often produces false positives, they were not given the opportunity to administer a second. Time was short, but the sanctuary wasn’t going to let anyone take Carmen away without a fight.

When the Santuario Wings of Heart refused to give Carmen up, they were threatened with the possibility of the sanctuary being shut down, jail time for the caretakers, and a fine of 1,200,000€ (about $1.3 million). They still refused to give up.

The sanctuary launched a petition to inform others of this injustice towards Carmen. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, another sanctuary located in Spain, shared the petition to help get the word out. 



In just one day, the petition accumulated over 70,000 signatures from people who wanted to save Carmen. In a recent update, Santuario Wings of Heart announced that Carmen would no longer be sent to slaughter. We are so glad that this cow, who was saved from slaughter once before, can now live out the rest of her days in her sanctuary home. It is thanks to the sanctuary’s determination to fight the government’s unfair orders and to everyone who made their voice known by signing the petition that this cow can now rest easy. What an inspiration!

To learn more about Santuario Wings of Heart, visit their official website.

All image source: Santuario Wings of Heart/Facebook