There’s no doubt that companion animals are capable of transforming lives for the better, especially for elderly people. They give the elderly a reason to get out of the house and go for a walk, they provide them with the responsibility of caring for another living creature, and of course, they are always there for snuggles when they need them most! Even just having a furry friend visit for one day can have great benefits for the elderly. After all, haven’t you ever had a bad day that instantly got a little better when you stumbled upon a pup on the street and took a moment to crouch down and pet them?

The folks over at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary took this concept and recently made it a reality for the residents of Vasey House Aged Care in Bundoora, Australia. The plan was simple. Sanctuary workers were to bring the three baby goats, Daisy, Marigold, and Eddie, as well as Timmy the sheep and let the group be their adorable selves. Did it work? Well, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


Like many others, the residents were immediately taken aback by the overwhelming cuteness of the sweater-clad baby goats. 

Smiles grew and fingers came to life as the sanctuary workers made their way around. Just a few strokes can be so magical! 

As Edgar’s Mission points out, “Animals and the elderly have so much in common; both are often forgotten, considered too much trouble or have their emotional needs denied as they become mute witnesses to human indifference.” 

Thankfully, this is not always the case. And more and more people are showing kindness towards both of these groups. 

Just because these elderly residents can’t make their way to a farm sanctuary doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to enjoy all that these beautiful animals have to offer! 

We can hardly stand the cuteness overload. 

Life in an elderly home is not always exciting but Edgar’s Mission definitely was able to brighten up the week for some of these residents and give them a memory they’ll cherish forever! 

Bringing farm animals and the elderly together is such a simple act but can provide so much joy. If these pictures are any indication, we think we’ll be seeing interactions like this more often. 



While we should never view animals as property or as a means of getting entertainment, it’s nice to see that these farm animals can provide so many smiles just by being their adorable little selves. This is how people should interact with animals! To learn more about Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, visit their website.

All Images Source: Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary