The saga of dogs’ hatred for the mail carriers encroaching on their precious territory is undying – but it actually seems like there must be at least as many dogs who love visits from the postpeople as there are those that get annoyed by them. And the best proof of that must be the UPS DOGS Facebook page, a profile entirely dedicated to the drivers’ encounters with furry and four-legged (usually) members of the households they deliver packages to – which, incidentally, is probably the most adorable thing you will see today as well.

“UPS Drivers deliver packages all day long. During that time many dogs are met, good and bad,” says the page description. As it turns out, the good ones often prove really happy about their visitors – and, of course, the treats they may carry on them.


The page is operated by UPS drivers – although it is not affiliated with UPS officially –who wish to share the pictures of the dogs they meet…

…and, unsurprisingly, they meet many of them.

Some even seem like they would be quite interested in applying for the position themselves.

Most, however, are just there for the pets and the biscuits.


Of course, it is not just dogs that the drivers meet while making their rounds…

And after a long day of work, the drivers’ own canine friends finally get a bit of that spotlight for themselves.



The friendly pets that the drivers meet during their routes must seriously brighten their days –  and, thanks to the Facebook page, the sweet encounters can now also bring a smile to the faces of those who do not visit dozens of dogs during their work hours!


All image source: UPS DOGS/Facebook