It’s a joyous day for Annemarie the sun bear, who, after seven miserable years, is finally getting to see life outside the confines of her cage. The sun bear was bought illegally as an exotic pet in Vietnam and kept in a tiny rusted metal cage with barely any room to move around. Fortunately, after realizing the legal requirements needed to house a sun bear, the son of the original owner who has since passed away, decided to do the right thing and turn Annemarie in.

Thankfully, Animals Asia sprung into action and came to Annemarie’s aid. They have brought her to a Vietnam bear rescue center to provide her care and rehabilitation. One of the workers explains that the little bear was dehydrated, and overheated from being angry – we don’t blame her! Annemarie is getting fluids, antibiotics, painkillers, vitamin E, and selenium to help ease her sore muscles.

Although she suffered for seven years, Annemarie is one of the lucky ones. Sun bears are regularly targeted by poachers to be sold to exotic pet trades and many may never see the light of day in their lives or suffer from cruel bear bile extraction. It’s a saving grace that Animals Asia was able to get to her when they did, and that she will now have many brighter days ahead of her.

To help Annemarie and other animals like her in need donate here.