The Fourth of July is a day to celebrate our freedoms and the independence of our country. This observance has become quite dangerous, however, for our four-legged friends. Each year, reports of animal cruelty turn this holiday from a joyous one to one of heartbreak. This year was no different after Second Chance Rescue NYC received a disturbing call about a cat who had live fireworks stuffed into his mouth. Concerned neighbors tried to run out and save the cat, now named George Washington, but it was too late. Not only did the rotten kids that did it run off, but so did George.

We can’t even begin to imagine the terror, hurt, and betrayal he must have felt. We also can’t imagine how anyone could be so evil! Thankfully, after hours of searching, the rescuers with Second Chance were able to find George — or rather, George found them. Apparently, he knew he needed help and made his way to them despite his dire condition — what a fighter!


George has extensive damage to his mouth, tongue, and teeth. George’s caretakers aren’t sure if he will survive this horrible attack, but they will continue to fight for him. Second Chance reports that he is receiving the best care possible and will update on his condition soon. Let’s all keep George in our thoughts. We can’t allow cruelty to win!

To make a donation to Second Chance Rescue NYC and help with what will surely be extensive medical bills for George, click here.