If there’s one question that has been nagging our thoughts for the past year, it’s “when is Veggie Grill coming to the East Coast?” If you’ve never heard of it, Veggie Grill is a West Coast-based, all-vegan restaurant chain has been serving delicious, healthier plant-based versions of fast food favorites for the past decade. A little over one year ago, Greg Dollarhyde, Veggie Grill’s California-based chain’s “Chief Energizing Officer” disclosed that the company was planning a nation-wide expansion. In October, news broke that the fast-casual chain received $22 million infusion capital from its investors to help the company double in size – starting with the Midwest and East Coast.

Sadly, since then there has been radio silence on Veggie Grill’s part. We understand that this next big step in their business may take some time, but the wait is kind of tearing us apart. At the very least, we can eat with our eyes by checking out their online menu. You know what they say — you eat with your eyes first. So, keeping that in mind, here are five items on Veggie Grill’s menu that we’re most excited to sink our teeth into.

1. VG Beyond Burger

Ohh, we are counting down the minutes to the moment when we’ll finally be able to take a bite of Veggie Grill’s VG Beyond Burger — a healthy take on a classic fast food cheeseburger that features a vegan Beyond Burger patty, vegan American cheese, and grilled onions on a sesame seed bun. This guy right here is one of Veggie Grill’s best-selling items on the menu.

2. Chill Out Wings


These vegan Chill Out Wings served with creamy ranch dressing and roasted red pepper sauce take us right back to our childhood days of ordering a bucket of chicken fingers from Friendly’s — an experience that we would be more than happy to relive and experience waves of nostalgia, without the meat.

3. Seoul Bowl

Classic fast food fare isn’t all that’s good at Veggie Grill — we’ve also got our eye on this Seoul Bowl. This Korean-inspired veggie bowl comes with chargrilled vegan “chickin’” or organic crispy tofu, pickled onions, cabbage, scallions, and arugula on a “super grain” mix with spicy gochujang sauce on the side. We’ve never felt more excited to have our mouth set on fire (not literally).

4. Fork & Knife BBQ Mushroom Sandwich

Shut the front door — we need this Fork & Knife BBQ Mushroom Sandwich more than anything else right now. This sandwich featuring Cremini mushrooms and sautéed onions with house-made BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, and a kale and cabbage slaw is so awesome that, like the name implies, you might just need utensils to keep things from getting messy.

5. Crispy Cauliflower

Yeah, we know that even restaurants that serve meat are hopping aboard the cauliflower “wings” train, but Veggie Grills Crispy Cauliflower takes it to the next level with some Asian-inspired flair. These crunchy bites of heaven with a tender cauliflower interior are coated in panko bread crumbs and served with spicy orange dipping sauce on the side. Um, yum.

With a menu like this, we think we can wait a little while longer for Veggie Grill’s East Coast debut — we know it’ll be worth it.

Of course, we can’t wait until Veggie Grill makes its East Coast debut. But if you’re interested in making cauliflower wings, mushroom sandwiches, and other delicious plant-based comfort food, we highly recommend checking out the Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone. With over 8,000 vegan recipes (and over 10 new recipes added daily), you’re going to find something you love!

All image source: Veggie Grill