When Freddy the tortoise was caught in a bush fire in Brazil,  it was a miracle that the slow-paced creature managed to get out alive. Unfortunately, in the process, the reptile lost something precious – his shell. After learning about the trauma this tortoise had gone through, a newly-formed group of animal rescuers, aptly named “The Animal Avengers” decided to come forward and help the poor creature by creating a brand new, customized shell for him! The group, which consists of four vets, one dental surgeon, and one 3D designer, was able to make the shell by constructing a 3D computer image based on various pictures taken of Freddy. Once the design was created, Dr. Paulo Miamato, a dental surgeon, turned the design into reality with the use of a 3D printer.

3D designer, Cicero Moraes explained that the female tortoise was named Freddy because her burned “back looked like the face of Freddy Krueger.” 

Thankfully this wasn’t the case for long. With the designs finalized, The Animal Avengers were able to make Freddy’s shell fairly easily. 

Once created, the prosthetic shell was surgically attached to Freddy. 

It fit her perfectly! 

The Avengers decided that the shell needed a little color, though. So they painted it look like a natural shell! 

Now she’s ready to take on the world! 



We applaud the team over at Animal Avengers for their amazing work! They are living proof that we can use the technology available today not only to help ourselves, but to help make the lives of our fellow Earth inhabitants a little better.

All Images Source: Bored Panda and Abc News