cockatoos talking wild birds language

The next time you’re admiring some wild birds, don’t be surprised if they yell back expletives! According to representatives of the Search and Discover section of the Australian Museum, wild parrots, particularly cockatoos, are being taught how to speak by domesticated birds who either escaped or were set loose by their owners.

“Hello there!”, “Hello Darling!”, “What’s happening?” and “Who’s a pretty boy then?” are some of the common phrases that are being repeated. However, there have been a few cases where people heard expletives being yelled at them by the birds!


According to representatives from the Australian Museum, in rural areas, the talking parrot will probably lose their language abilities over time, but cockatoos in large Australian cities are likely to maintain and improve their vocabulary due to regular contact with humans.

Let’s hope the birds can convince humans to stop putting them in cages, or be prepared to face a planet of the Cockatoos!!

For more information, read the report in The Australian Geographic.

Cockatoos Image Source: Richard Taylor (via flickr)