Rudy, a senior Boxer whose chances for adoption seemed, unfortunately, quite low, is the hero of a wonderful story that will restore anyone’s hope in happy endings.

In December 2016, when the Trio Animal Foundation pulled Rudy from an open access shelter, he was in a terrible condition. Horribly emaciated and, as was soon discovered, suffering from a few ailments, the poor dog had a long road to complete recovery ahead of him. Since that winter day, the organization’s team of veterinarians and caretakers have done everything in their power to bring Rudy back to health.


Rudy had to undergo a splenectomy after a tumor had been discovered on his spleen. Fortunately, it turned out to be non-cancerous. During the surgery, the vets took a few biopsies of Rudy’s intestines and found out that he had irritable bowel syndrome and lymphangiectasia. Luckily, Rudy was completely free of the side effects of the latter illness.



A couple of months later, Rudy’s blood work had to be checked again to see if his special diet was successful in making him gain weight and stabilizing his protein levels. Rudy gained five pound and his blood test results showed a slight improvement. Rudy was clearly on his way to slowly and steadily getting better.



The four-pawed patient saw his vet once more for yet another check-up – he gained another seven pounds and, once again, the blood test results proved to be positive! His ailment will continue to be managed by the special diet alone. Another great sign!



It seems like this story of a return to full health could not get any better. But it does get better – because Rudy has just found a new home! Older dogs, like Rudy, often have a hard time finding a forever home – but add on medical issues and it makes this even harder. It would take a very special person to give Rudy a forever home for his senior years…



And that person did find his way into Rudy’s life! Rudy has now moved in with his new parent, Rich!  He even has a new Boxer brother now, a buddy that will never let him feel alone. Simply speaking, Rudy has found his dream home!




The Trio Animal Foundation is a charity dedicated to assisting rescues and shelters, and promoting adoption and responsible pet guardianship. They help numerous dogs like Rudy fight their medical issues, get back to health, and find new loving homes.

To learn more about the organization, visit their website.


All image source: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook