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Sometimes it seems no matter what laws get passed to protect wildlife, greedy humans always find a way to slip underneath the radar or get around it. That is just what is happening all over Indonesia with regards to a law that is supposed to protect the endangered Sumatran elephant. Thankfully, people are taking notice and a Care2 Petition by The Indonesian Animal Welfare Society is calling them out.

Under this law by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry, zoo and Conservation establishments must protect and deliver ethical treatment of the endangered Sumatran elephants. Apparently, it is not being taken seriously and the Sumatran elephant continues to suffer at the hands of money-hungry businesses.

The IAWS have witnessed numerous elephants being subjected to abuse all over Indonesia with several elephants having paid the ultimate price – death.

In the petition, they share, “Our team has witnessed the abuse of elephants, regardless of age. Young elephants were ridden by adult humans, ready with bull hooks in their hands and forced to perform. The torture, exploitation and abuse coupled with lack of best animal welfare practices have resulted in the deaths of several Sumatran elephants. The most publicized death is Yani the endangered Sumatran elephant from Bandung Zoo. She was denied medical attention and died in tears. As recent as September 2017, another endangered Sumatran elephant, 28 years old Bita from Bukittinggi Zoo died due to lack of specialist medical attention.”

Living in captivity is no life for an elephant (or any wild animal) and it exposes them to all kinds of exploitation. We need to put our foot down and tell the Indonesian authorities that enough is enough! Sign the petition in Support of Sumatran elephants and wildlife as a whole.

Image Source: GUDKOV ANDREY/Shutterstock