Phuket Elephant Park has just given a new life to yet another elephant whose past was filled to the brim with work and weariness. Boon-sib is 70 years old and, up until now, has been working day in and day out in an elephant trekking camp in Phuket, Thailand. Thankfully, this majestic animal’s future will look nothing like what she survived in the past. Boon-sib finally has a home where all that is expected of her is for her to get as much rest as she needs and be as happy as possible during her “retirement.”

Boon-sib, whose name means “making merit tenfold” in Thai, arrived at the park, her new home, on June 11th.

“A seventy-year-old grand dame, Boon-sib has probably seen it all,” the Phuket Elephant Park team wrote.

Before she was rescued, Boon-sib worked long hours in the blazing sun. She was saddled with heavy chairs on her back so that the tourists she gave rides to could sit on them.

On the day of her rescue and transfer, she was anxious because of all the attention. But from that day on, her life was to change for the better in a way she did not suspect yet.

“She will be nourished, respected and loved tenfold at her new home Phuket Elephant Park,” the team says.


Thanks to her rescuers and new carers, Boon-sib has joined many other elephants whose lives have been utterly changed upon their move to the sanctuary. In the new environment, she will finally have a chance to be transformed from the animal whose spirit was “crushed” in the trekking camp into a happy elephant enjoying her life in peace – with no chains.

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All image source: Phuket Elephant Park/Facebook