Nine months ago, Jun, a four-year-old elephant from Vietnam, got his leg stuck in a snare. The injury was so bad that he nearly lost his foot! Thankfully, he was found by local villagers and immediately sent to the Elephant Conservation Center in Vietnam.

Thanks to hardworking teams at the Elephant Conservation Center, paired with the help of  Animals Asia and Elephant Aid International, Jun is now receiving daily veterinary care and the love he deserves!

Initially, Jun had to be tranquilized each time he needed medical care. However, Elephant Aid International paid a visit to the center and showed them how Jun can receive his daily care without being tranquilized.

He even receives “positive reinforcement training” and will soon be living a chain-free life!

And while at first, Jun’s foot injury almost completely debilitated him, he is now trotting around! Look at that happy elephant

Carol Buckley, who President and CEO of Elephant Aid International, is  helping build an electric fence so Jun can roam around without a chain! She wrote on Facebook, “There is still much that needs to be done for him, but progress is being made.”

We’re so happy that Jun is on the road to recovery, especially as elephants are endangered and need all the human help and protection they can get. Thank you to the dedicated teams at Elephant Aid International, Animals Asia, and the Elephant Conservation Center in Vietnam, for your tireless work and care!

All Image Source: Carol Buckley/Facebook