Lek Chailert is not only the founder of Save Elephant Foundation, she is also a fantastic lullaby singer – or at least that is what Faa Mai the elephant believes! While Lek was mingling with tourists, Faa Mai made it very clear that there were much more important things to do. She used her trunk to push Lek and even wrapped her trunk around her to lead Lek exactly where she wanted her to go. “And where was that,” you ask? To sing a lullaby to adopted calf Thong Ae, of course!

This behavior isn’t as outrageous as it sounds, as elephants are actually very social and intelligent beings. They form strong bonds with their young and even grieve the dead, just like people do. This adorable interaction is a reminder to us all that elephants (and all animals) are more like us than we would ever imagine, and they deserve to live free from exploitation.


Each year, thousands of tourists visit Elephant Nature Park to volunteer and help care for the elephants instead of riding them or watching them perform. The rewarding experience has promoted compassion, educated the public, and is even creating change in Thailand and across Asia as a whole.

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