It is no secret that elephants adore their playtime – there is no better way to pass the time than to play-fight with other ellies, roll around in a good old mud pit, or run after a ball like a (huge) dog. Elephants are, really, not that drastically different from us. They like to have fun and share a similar close-knit family life, possess the ability to cooperate and work together towards a goal, protect those who are important to them, and they are fond of giving hugs and affection.

The elephant in this video, however, does something that many of us would not actually put on the list of the things that humans and elephants have in common – that is… playing soccer!


It seems like the young elephant from Assam, India, simply had to have some footie practice exactly then and there. There was no ball around, but the ellie made do and found a substitute. In the process, the animal managed to block a public road he was playing on for almost thirty minutes! But could anyone hold a grudge? Surely not while watching this fellow’s skills – which are seriously impressive!