YaiBua the former working elephant was rescued by the kindhearted humans at Elephant Nature Park. While the details of YaiBua’s early life are not yet available, it’s likely that she either came from the logging or trekking industries. Thankfully, those days are behind her and she is now in the able hands of sanctuary caretakers.

The journey to her new home was long and a bit cramped, but in spite of this, YaiBua was quite content as she rode in the back of a truck to her new sanctuary home. Rescuers posit that she must have understood that she was finally being saved. After arriving at her new sanctuary home, YaiBua was welcomed by the staff with a tasty treat — rice balls!


It looks like this elephant is going to be very happy in her new home. We’re glad that she’ll now be surrounded by elephant companions and humans who love her.

To follow YaiBua and  Elephant Nature Park’s other pachyderm residents, check out their Facebook page. For more sweet videos of rescued elephants, click here and here.