Dolphins Possibly Killed by Techno Music in Switzerland

The Connyland aquarium and amusement park in Switzerland decided it would be a good idea to host a two-day rave on their property, claiming that their dolphin enclosures, only 50 meters from where the rave was to be held, were designed to be soundproof.

Twenty days after the event, Shadow, an eight year old dolphin was found disoriented and agitated in his pool and eventually died a few hours later. Five days after Shadow’s death, a thirty-year dolphin at Connyland aquarium also died.


“The sound levels which would have been heard by the dolphins is comparable with that of a pneumatic drill on top volume,” Andreas Morlok, an animal rights activist told The Daily Mail. Animal rights groups claim that the non-stop noise and stress from the rave may have damaged the immune systems of the dolphins and have called for three remaining dolphins to be seized from the Connyland amusement park.

Image Source: Mrs. Gemstone/Flickr