Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium in the city of Choshi, Japan, just east of Tokyo, shut down this January after ticket sales dropped. Some of the animals were sent to other facilities, but hundreds still remain in the abandoned aquarium.

As confirmed by the Chiba prefectural Health and Welfare department and reported by The Independent, the animals left at this run-down park include hundreds of fish and reptiles, 46 Humboldt penguins, and one bottlenose dolphin who has caught the attention and won the hearts of animal advocates all around the globe.


The dolphin, named Honey, was kidnapped from the wild in 2005 during the infamous bloody Taiji hunts and has been documented in a pool in complete isolation exhibiting signs of zoochosis. Akiko Mitsunobu, chief of aquarium issues for local group Animal Rights Centre, stated, “Honey is a symbol of both the problem of marine parks and Taiji’s hunting practices … When we went to check on the facility, she was showing signs of stress, putting her head weakly in and out of the water.”

These animals are enduring a dismal, almost apocalyptic existence. Watch this video to see for yourself:



As the video shows, the penguins have been documented residing amongst a pile of dusty debris, and though the animals are supposedly being fed, advocates still have warranted concern for the welfare of these animals and worry the feeding may end soon. Many people, including a Choshi city official, have called Inubosaki Marine Park and its parent company, but calls have gone unanswered.


Sachiko Azuma, a representative of local activist group PEACE (Put an End to Animal Cruelty and Exploitation), expressed concern for the animals: “I get feelings of danger and doubt from the fact that they are so silent about this … As a group that handles animals, they have a responsibility to explain what they intend to do with Honey and the other animals.”

This news outrages us and is a prime example of why animal captivity must end now! Unfortunately, this is not the only marine park or aquarium in the world that neglects animals in their care. In fact, it’s more or less a guarantee that captive animals used for entertainment are severely mistreated, neglected, often physically abused, and at the bare minimum, exploited.

The best thing you can do for captive animals is never to buy a ticket to one of these parks! Of course, spreading awareness of the issues at hand has great power to influence minds and keep even more people from supporting this type of “entertainment,” so PLEASE do your part to help empty the tanks and SHARE this with your network as an eye-opener to the reality of animal captivity.

Image source: YouTube